Best Practices for emailing


Hi there,

I’ve implemented Asana for a client, set up their projects / teams / workspaces / etc. I put together a CSV of all 80 or so project email addresses & helped them import it into their contacts for easy retrieval (they’re on Outlook).

They’re trying to capture correspondence with external clients (each client is a project in Asana) by BCCing the Asana Project email.

This is causing some annoyances for them because anything sent to the Asana Project email (even in BCC) will post to the project which is great, but it’ll also add followers / assignees depending on who is in the To/CC field.
So everyone CCed in the email gets it twice. Sometimes three times (or more) when there are attachments because after Asana adds people in the email thread as followers there’s a tiny time lag while Asana uploads the attachment(s) to the project.

How do others work around this? I had a few ideas:
-set up some autoforward rules around messages sent (i.e. sent to client x, forward to project x).
-set up some kind of auto-archive of Asana emails after they land in the inbox

I’d love to hear what you’re telling folks about emailing to Asana to work around this.
To be clear: the folks in CC or in To do NOT need to be added as assignees or followers to the task.

I use the Asana for Gmail add in and love it. I’ve read about Sendana of course but since I’m not on Outlook myself it’s hard for me to test.



@Sara_Kappler if they are using Outlook on Windows machines, you might want to try my,



Hi James, do you have any way to test this without having an Outlook account set up? I.e. a test webmail login or something? Would love to take a look before proposing it.


We could do a video conference for me to demonstrate it to you


Did you still want to have a Zoom conference some time today?


@Sara_Kappler something else you could try is to send to a Zapier email address that then triggers an automation that creates a new task in the right project without adding all the corresponding followers. Are you familiar with Zapier?


Hi James I’ve just reached out by PM.

And Paul yes I use zapier a lot and love it. Haven’t explored it yet, as with 80 projects / emails feel like it might get a little bit too cumbersome to maintain for them.

I’m thinking of looking at Sendana, and otherwise thinking of just telling people to get in habit of forwarding sent correspondence to Asana, rather than trying to copy the project in. ? Not great, but better than a deluge of unwanted emails being received regularly.