Best practice for weekly blog posts


what is a good best practice for planning weekly blog post topics?

should i type in tasks with due dates for each wednesday of the whole year, and assign due dates for each one? that’s a lot of work to type. but repeating tasks only show after a work is complete so i can;t plan topics a ahead of time. ideas?


Great question! As you mentioned, there are a few ways you could set this up.

My recommendation would be to create one template task that contains subtasks for all of the steps you take for a blog post (i.e. Decide on topic, write first draft, edit, find hero image, etc.). Then you can copy that template task for each week and schedule it on the calendar or timeline. You can see an example of a similar recommendation in the Editorial Calendar Guide post here.

This would require you to make ~50 copies of the task, but this shouldn’t take too long with the “Copy Task” feature, and then all of your steps would be built out for each post and you would have a master calendar to use along the way. Do you think this might work?


Thanks, Katie! Helpful!

But it still requires me to go in and manually assign 52 different due dates, right?


I figured out I could create a list of 52 week dates in Excel and copy over to Asana as Topic Headers!


Ah, great. You could also easily schedule the dates by dragging and dropping them onto the Timeline as well for another option.


I think I would go with the BOARD mentioning, Content Ideas, Drafting, In Review and Published. This gives a bird eyes view of which article is at which stage.