Best approach to creating a portfolio of all projects for leaders?

Our CEO want’s a portfolio setup to see all active company projects. These projects are spread across multiple teams.
I added him and his administrative assistant to all teams so that any project can be added to his portfolio. Another option may be to establish a process to add him as a commenter to all projects.

Any suggestions on a good approach to accommodate this requirement?

It may be a handy feature to add a user to a team with comment or view only to all projects.
thanks in advance.

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Hey @Mark_MacBeth:

For current projects: You will have to add the projects manually to the desired portfolio

For future projects: You can utilize the new Project Templates 2.0. At the end the “Settings” page you can add all projects created from that templates to your desired portfolio(s). See screenshot below:

You can also add your CEO and his administrative assistant to the project template and they will automatically be added into any project created from the template.

Not manually, I have a tool for this :slight_smile: Called “global workload

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Even better! Thanks for the update.

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