Being collaborator should Appear somewhere in Tasks and not in Inbox

When someone assigns you as collaborator on their task it should appear somewhere on your Tasks list cause most of the time we forget that we are collaborators to other people’s tasks.

A simple way to see all tasks assigned to you and tasks on which you are collaborator is the search option “Tasks and conversations followed by me”. You can add this search to your favorites and it acts then as a complete “My Tasks” list.

I think the My Tasks list should remain as it is now. Adding all tasks on which I am a collaborator might clutter the view up (in my case, at least).


Hey @Robert1 =) I’ll definitely echo that you should probably do a search for tasks followed by you and save it that way. However for small (or large?) one-off items perhaps utilizing the ‘follow-up task’ mechanism would be good for you? Since I suspect that your reasoning is mainly to check up on items you aren’t directly responsible for.

You can enable an easy way to do that here
This enables a button to show up in your inbox and the task options pane called ‘follow-up’.

I agree @Ulli , I prefer having My tasks be actually My Tasks. That is a philosophy I love =)

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