Being Able to Edit Task Templates/Find Them in a Central Folder/Location

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I know that templates are a relatively new feature in Asana, but my team and I were wondering if there’s a way to edit a template after you’ve turned a task into a template. I feel like this info would be on this page under “Editing an Existing Template,” but when you click on the linked text, it doesn’t redirect you anywhere.

I do see an option to add a task from a template (see below) and edit that task once it’s created from a template, but I don’t see a way to edit existing templates?

Also, is there a folder or place where you can see all of your task (not project) templates and organize/categorize them?

Any help would be appreciated. If there currently isn’t functionality to do the above things, I’d love to submit these as product requests then!

Many thanks in advance,
Vee, Community Programs Coordinator, Pantheon


Welcome, @Vee_VoPham,

You can edit task templates via the Customize menu as shown below; hover the task template and an edit icon appears; click it to edit:

You can’t see all your existing Task Templates listed together; you must look in the area above, project-by-project.

@Community_Managers, There’s a problem with this Guide page:

Editing an Existing Template is in the top TOC but there’s no section by that name within the page.




Hi @lpb, thanks for the quick response and for addressing all of my questions/comments! This is good to know. I was able to find all the task templates in one of my team’s project boards when I just checked. Wonderful!

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Thanks @lpb, I’ve just filed a task for our team to fix this!


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Hi, @Vee_VoPham and @lpb :wave:t3:

Just a quick update to let you know our guide article is fixed :slight_smile: Thank you both for spotting and reporting this issue!