Behavior of dependent tasks when changing dates

If a task is dependent from another task own by a different assignee and I change the due date of that task. Will it change accordingly the date of the dependent task? So if there is 2 days gap between the two, will it maintain those 2 days. If no, why?

Hi @Davy_Dadou,

I moved your question to a separate thread as it’s on a different subject than Universal Workload.

First, who the assignee is does not matter to the following answer.

At the present time, when changing the date of a dependent task’s dependency (predecessor) task, the dependent task will move under the following conditions:

  1. You adjust the date of its dependency in the Timeline view.
  2. You have your Dependency Management Options set to “Maintain buffer”.

(Another alternative is to use the Auto-Adjust Workflow in our Flowsana integration; in that case, it doesn’t matter in what view you change dates.)

Thank you, Phil. I know you can only adjust in timeline view which is for us weird. Not weird in the timeline but weird this behavior is not replicable to other views. Another weird logic from Asana in my opinion.

Why if I have a dependent task I would want their dates to be related in the timeline but not in other views? An option should exist to decide how they behave wherever you are.

Also, I know Flowsana but we have to set manually every project where it happens right? We have 2 to 3 projects created every single day this is not sustainable we need something that carries on with a project template for example.

Because you can be sure we would need that “relation” between dependencies more than just I can complete or not.

Simple question to illustrate:

Task B is dependent from task A.
Task A is due the 10 and task B the 20.

If I need to move task A to the 30. With task B needing task A to be completed to be done. how can I still have the due date set to the 20. What is the logic behind that? Who can possibly needs this setup this way? I’m really curious

Thank you for your previous fast answer btw

Could you make this thread so we can vote please?

I agree; that’s in fact a big part of why I created Flowsana initially.

Nope - if you put a project template under workflow control, then any project created from that template will have the same workflows automatically created in it!

There is actually an existing Product Feedback thread on this topic:

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