Be able to use text custom field for building charts

Hi there,

I’d like to be able to create charts on project dashboards, were tasks’ text custom fields can be used as a axis. For example: building a chart that shows how many times a certain text field appears on tasks (which would be a custom text field), as a top 10.

Is it possible?


This is not possible, not sure it ever would. Your use case makes more sense for a finite number of options, which a drop down has.

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Thanks Bastien for the answer.
I wanted to draw a chart that shows time spent (custom field) on tasks per client (custom field also). We have near 100 clients, so I can’t use a dropdown menu, or is there a way to import a list of field content?

It would be a column bar chart with those info:
Client 1: 10 days
Client 2: 8 days

Client 10: 1 day

If you have less than 100 a dropdown would be best, look at 💡 Create a custom fields with many options using the CSV importer

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Seems like a nice trick, thanks Bastien!

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@Rocky_Lesch what problem do you have? The initial request is not possible, but I shared a workaround.