Basic sorting of searches should be included in the free version of Asana



I would like to submit a request to enable the sorting of tasks when I conduct a basic search using the free version of Asana for an Organization (not the personal version). I understand the logic of having advanced search capabilities be one of the paid features, but I think the current search capabilities of the free version are far too limited.

As it currently stands, I cannot even sort tasks that appear in a search to make it easier to manage and manipulate my tasks. The search results are, as near as I can tell, pretty much random. This makes it difficult to really understand a search when many results appear.

My use case is this: I track my tasks in a Kanban-style board and then I like to remove them from the project at the end of the month once they are completed (this also gives me a chance to review what I have done in the time period). Unfortunately, the Board View does not allow you to edit multiple tasks simultaneously, which makes removing multiple tasks burdensome. This is easily done with searching for completed tasks in a given project, but since that’s a paid feature and I am currently a one-man-band, it does not make sense to pay for the upgrade. My work-around is to simply search for my project name (“Personal Kanban”) and then group remove tasks.

I am a very long time Asana user and have brought whole Organizations into the paid fold. I fully intend to do so again, but it does not currently make sense. The inability to perform a basic sort of searches is an artificial restriction that, if removed, could help users gain some appreciation for Asana’s powerful search capability without compromising the likelihood of an upgrade.

If other users have suggestions on how to accomplish my goal within the free version, please let me know!