Basic Plan with no Pricing Attached

Heartsong Live is a small charity organisation based in Scotland. We are looking to use Asana to organise tasks and programmes. I read somewhere that we can use a basic plan without financial commitment. However, after the trial, the platform asked to choose a pricing plan and would not allow access.
There seem to be no phone number to call. Is there anyone who can help with this or how to go about this? Thank you.


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Heartsong_Live_Minis :wave:

For discounted plans have a look here: Asana for Nonprofits Discount Program: Asana discounts and support for nonprofits • Asana
Did you ho through this process and fill out the form?

I recommend reaching out to Asana Support and they will be able to assist :slight_smile:

Now if you want to stay on the basic free plan you should be able to select that on the pop-up to stay with that.

If that does not work best to contact support :slight_smile:

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