Base a rule or workflow from a specific task

There’s a lot of guidance about creating a rule for an “if/then” scenario for the plan, but has it be considered at the task level? I need to alert a senior level team of specific tasks updates via Slack, but I can only set the rule for the entire plan. I also need to submit tickets to our engineers as certain things happen in a plan. I’d like to be able to use the task in the plan initiation point instead of having to go outside of the plan. Ideally the flow would be:

  1. Asana form can be made as a task type. Click on the task and it opens into the form, not a task template.
  2. Rule is created with form submittal, integration into another app platform (Jira, ZenDesk, Slack)
  3. These items are saved in the template so it can be replicated.

In this case you might have to multi-home those tasks into a project that has your specific rule. Would that be ok?

So I would have to have an additional plan with the rule in play and multihome a task into that plan for the communication trigger to work? That seems very cumbersome and further fragments the plan doesn’t it?

From the outside, the project would look the same, but some tasks could be indeed multi-homed elsewhere to have a specific behaviour. It is either this or you create a way to distinguish tasks, maybe with a dropdown field, and your main project has rules targeting those fields specifically.