Badges to indicate new task updates from the task list


One of the things I find tough in Asana is telling which tasks have new (or any) comments or attachments without opening up each task in the task panel.

I know this stuff comes to our inbox, but it would be nice to show new item and total item counts somewhere on the task list, so I can see them at a glance.


Great feedback @Francesco_Alessi, thanks for sharing it!

We’re already indicating task dependencies in the task list, so hopefully this is something we can implement in the future!


I love that dependency indication, that really helps. Not to change the subject to that, but just out of curiosity, how come we can complete the task via the task panel, was that on purpose? I have users who still don’t get the concept of task dependency and still complete tasks that should be completed by using the complete button in the task panel.


This is something we’re aware of and a very popular request; check out this thread if you’re interested. Hopefully this is something we can fix in the near future; when we do, I’ll make sure to keep you posted!