Backing up Asana to a file

How can I backup Asana to a file so that I can restore it later? This is in case someone makes unauthorized or accidental changes. With a backup, I can restore to a previous version.

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If you’re on an Enterprise subscription, an organization-wide export is available:

On any other subscription plans, you can export on a per-project basis; there’s no full organization-level export provided.


After exporting a project to a CSV or JSON, how can I restore the project from the CSV or JSON back into Asana?


For importing, see:


Thank you for your response. I exported a project into an Excel spreadsheet. However, when I tried to import it using the “Add Tasks via” feature, at first the file name did not show up when I selected “Choose File”. When I separately opened the folder with the Excel file, I was able to drag it to the window labeled Add Tasks via CSV. The import did seem to proceed. However, when it completed, none of the tasks were in the project.

I exported a project to an Excel spreadsheet using the CSV option. When in Excel, I saved the spreadsheet in two different types on two separate occasions: CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) and CSV (Comma delimited). In both cases, when I opened another project and selected “Add Tasks via”, selected CSV, and selected the saved Excel spreadsheet, the project was not properly restored at all. Please recommend a solution.

I’m afraid I don’t have any personal experience with trying to do such an import to be able to give you any advice. But I’m sure others have and will chime in.

Thank you tremendously. I appreciate your efforts. If you come up with anything new, please feel free to let me know.

Hi Phil,

Regarding your answer, can you confirm if I backup my organization ina JSON file will it backup all the information, like the record of every change made to every task, every comment, and was it made, every attachment, etc.

In other words, if for some crazy reason I lose my account and I import the JSON file it will backup my account exactly as it was at the moment I back it up, with no loss of information.

Tks .

Hi @Sven_BR_Lawyer and welcome to the forum!

If you use the project (i.e. non-Enterprise) export, it definitely will not; it only exports certain task information - no comments, change information, etc. (You can quickly do an export of a project and open the resulting file in Excel or Google Sheets to see what’s there.)

The Enterprise Organizational export does export a lot more data; you can see a specific list of what gets exported here. Note, though, that this Organizational export is not designed to be re-imported into Asana - there’s no facility for that. It’s more to know that you can get out your data and take it elsewhere.

The other option to explore is 3rd party services which export Asana data; a few I’ve heard of (though I’ve not personally used any of them so these are not endorsements) are Bridge24 and cloudHQ. I know is also building one.


Thank you very much for that reply and for the information about it. Cheers.

Thanks for the mention @Phil_Seeman !

@Sven_BR_Lawyer @Marc_Alexander_Sengs,

Our team has build a backup app for Asana that allows you to recover data from deleted tasks. These CSV exports are build so that they can easily be imported in Asana.

More info on Pro Backup • Asana and Asana Backup :slight_smile:

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As I know, there are 2 suitable ways for you:

Skyvia is Asana’s partner, though. You can find them on the Asana marketplace.

P.S. I’m a member of the Skyvia development team, so if you have any questions about the product feel free to ask me.

Hi @Marc_Alexander_Sengs, @Sven_BR_Lawyer
We at Rewind are building automated Asana backup. If needed, you’ll be able to restore your Asana workspace, including projects, tasks, files to any point in time.

Here’s more information: Backups for Asana - Rewind

I’ll be happy to hear more about your needs when it comes to Asana back up and give you early access. Please contact me at maria.korolenko[at]

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