Bachelor thesis about Virtual Design Thinking supportet by the tool Asana

Hello everybody!

I’m currently doing my research for my bachelor thesis that I’m writing about Virtual Design Thinking. I was thinking if it’s possible to use Asana to create the process online and to demonstrate the risks and chances.

I’ve never used Asana before and it would be really helpful if you could provide some feedback regarding Design Thinking !

Thank you and warm regards,

Hi @Melanie_Friedrich. Thanks for the question. I’m not a Design Thinking expert … but given its basically a methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems…I don’t see any reason why Asana can’t be used to create process. I often use Asana for a Model-Based Problem Solving approach which seems very similar. With Asana’s Project/Sections/Tasks/Subtask set-up, it should work great for Design Thinking. Here is an Asana guide example around Ideas & Brainstorming. Hope this helps!