Automation of Subtasks

Hello! We run a creative advertising agency and we have the Asana Business Plan.

One of the main things that we are looking forward to automate is the bunch of design orders we receive from our clients everyday. Many of them are not particular Projects but individual pieces of graphics, so therefore we need to create “Projects” that are more kind of a Type of Graphic Design or Task(e.g. social media posts, big format designs, Social Media Ad insertion, etc) and everything here is quite easy to manage, because inside these projects we list all the individual tasks our clients require.

The hard part is when a client wants for example a Master Graphic design with several size adaptation:

Task: National 2x1 Amazing Beer Promotion
Description: Client’s brief description including objectives, etc, etc.
Subtask 1: - 2X1 Beer Promotion for Instastory
Subtask 2: - 2X1 Beer Promotion for Facebook
Subtask 3 - 2X1 Beer Promotion for Facebook geotargeted for a specific city with a particular restriction in the design
Subtask 4: - 2X1 Beer Promotion for Instagram Feed
Subtask 5: - 2X1 Beer Promotion for Billboard Size X
Subtask 6: - 2X1 Beer Promotion for Billboard Size Y

So, we wanted to know if we are able to 1) Create a Master Form that has conditional fields so it can connect for particular Projects, and then 2) this same form can give the client the option to add the subtasks natively in the form.

The reason is that our account executives needs lot of times interpreting clients e-mails and then putting in a particular task and then create subtask, when we can ask our client to instead of writing us an email, just fill a perfect briefing form. What is happening is that our accounts executives are just pasting client’s email in the description, and then designers are there re-interpreting all of the stuff. We dont want to give access to Asana because then we dont want to them be manually changing dates since we have a traffic manager for this. Maybe we want so much from Asana, but we want to know if there is a native Asana feature for this or a specific integration. We have already checked Zoho, Zapier and JotForms and none of them works for creating subtasks automatically. Also we want to save the client having a particular form for each of the projects. Hope there is a solution for this.

Am I explaining myself correctly? Hope I am. Thank you and have a great day.