Automation kinda?

Is there any way possible where if I change my priority level of one of the tasks under one of my custom fields to “high” that the task will automatically move to another project called “high priority”

Any help would be appriciated

Hi @Abhi_Sood

I’m not sure how to automate that process but wouldn’t an advanced search report do the same thing as a project? You could run a search for all tasks labelled with the high priority custom field, which will give you a list of all of those tasks in a very similar way to a project.

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Advanced search would be a good solution. Zapier can maybe do this :thinking:

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Thank you! A follow-up question what is Zapier?

Thanks Mark, how would i produce an advanced search report?

Zapier is a way to connect apps together:
Look in this Community for the word “zapier” you will find ton of threads

Hi. This kind of report is really easy to produce. You just go to the search bar and select Advanced Search at the bottom:


In that search box, you can specify the name of the project in the In Projects field, then add a filter for custom field:


You can then select the field that you want to search for. In your case that would be ‘high priority’:


Once you’ve got your results, you can sort them by various options in the menu (top-right), or edit the report to further refine it. Then you can save it by clicking here:


The report will now be saved in your sidebar in the Reports section. You can edit the title once it’s saved. Every time you click on that report, it will refresh.

Have a mess around with it and I’m sure you’ll quickly see how it works.

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