Automating task dependency assignment

I have a project where I need to update 1000 records. I want to have the update of each record as a individual task so that I can track time for each update.

If I only have one person to work on this project, is it possible to automate the addition of dependencies? That is, if the workflow order is task 1, task 2, task 3, …, task 999, task 1000, can these dependencies be added in an automated fashion without having to manually adding 999 dependencies in Asana?

Hi @Gerald_Garcia - I’m from – we are Asana Partners. So, while there isn’t a built-in solution to do what you are asking about, we’ve been building a third-party Asana add-on ( to solve that exact issue and other similar efficiency problems in Asana.

We’re preparing for our beta launch of Supersana, and it includes the automatic creation of task dependencies in the way you described.

We’re still a few weeks away from our Beta Launch, but you’re welcome to join the waitlist for free access:


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