Automating Project Creation and Automatically Mass Assigning Tasks

Hi there,

Our company would like to automatically assign and create an Asana onboarding project to all new employees upon joining the company. We have a project template that we use to deliver this training, but are currently manually duplicating the template and mass assigning each task in the project to the new employee.

I would like to know if there is a way to use rules/automation software (Zapier?) to:

  1. Automatically create a new project from a template each time a new employee is hired
  2. Automatically assign all tasks in this new project to the new employee

Thank you!


This is definitely possible using custom code standalone or within Zapier for example, but I would suggest you think again: the cost to create and maintain such an automation seems to me far higher than creating a project based on a template and multi-selecting all tasks and assigning them. To me, looks like it would take less than 1 minute per employee, so even if you hire 100 employees per month, it will probably be cheaper to get an assistant to do it rather than getting an IT person build and maintain the automation.

Does that make sense?

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