Automatically show new comments in task/subtask in the Team/Project Conversations tab

While our organization uses the Slack integration feature, bouncing between Slack and Asana is tedious/inefficient–and communications aren’t centralized. We’d like to replace Slack by utilizing Asana’s Conversations functionality… however there are two features we’d like for this to be effective.

When a new comment is entered in Slack, the Channel (comparable to the Team in Asana) shows up in bold. If there’s a new comment you’re tagged in, the name also shows a # notification with how many new, unviewed tagged comments there are. (See screenshot.) Slack Team menu screenshot

It would be helpful to see a similar, comprehensive visual notification in Asana from the main screen… so at a glance, our management team can see when there’s new Conversation activity going on in which Teams right from the Team menu at the left, and keep a pulse on all activity going on across the organization. Rather than trying to dig through Inboxes etc.

Team updates and conversations can get lost when a project has a number of tasks and multiple layers of subtasks, and when there’s multiple projects. It would be helpful to have the option that any time a comment is added to a task or subtask, it also shows up in the Conversations feed for the Team and/or Project. All comments could be organized under the same Task or Project header in the feed.

In this way, a Project Manager / Management can easily get a comprehensive snapshot of the activity for a Team and/or Project, and ensure nothing’s missed or lost.

We also use Slack and Asana to manage projects and it would be help to keep comments and dicussions in a single place in Asana. We use to use conversations a place to discuss parts of the project but many people who didnt use Asana for all their tasks struggled to find the tab and just ended up commenting on their tasks that was assigned to them. We have since moved discussions into milestones as comments but we still find comments are all over the place. It would be really helpful to have something like a comment/conversatoin sync so we didnt have to dig through every single subtask to find that one comment we need.

We also right now create slack channels for larger projects that we know there will be a lot of back and forth as it is easier to use for notifications and letting everyone who is involved in the project updates. It would be interesting to see how conversations could be updated to allow for better team/project notifications and disucssion.

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Hi @Jessica_Shaffalo, welcome to the community forum and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

Your first suggestion is similar to these existing product feedback thread: Indicator to show new activity (icon or bold task name). I recommend you to upvote and you will be notified once we have news about a similar feature that also applies for teams.

In regards to your second suggestion, I see you would like to achieve something similar to what we offer in the Inbox feature. Every time there is a new comment in a task you are a follower, it’ll automatically appear in your inbox so you don’t miss anything! You’ll simply need to ensure your Project Manager is added as a collaborator in the tasks.

I understand your request is more specific to Team and Project conversations so I’ve gone ahead and updated the thread title to make it more specific to one request and allow other users to upvote for this feature. I hope you don’t mind!

Thanks again for sharing this!