automatically share all tasks to another project

In my team, we want to get a single kanban-style overview of all the work being done in the team, while retaining separate projects for each customer or development project. Each person works on multiple projects simultaneously and we want to improve transparency

The benefit to having separate projects is that we can give them logical section names and organise tasks neatly

The benefit to having one overview is that we can more easily see what everyone in the team is doing today/this week. (kanban style)

Is there a way to automatically push all tasks in one project into a sort of “parent” level project? I think the portfolios feature isn’t really what we’re looking for, as that gives an overview of the project statuses, rather than the workload of the people

alternatively - is there a way to auto-generate a kanban style board from a team? so any work that is assigned to people in the team ends up in that board?

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How about keeping the projects separate for ease of working as you mentioned, but then also create one main project. You can just set up rules that automatically multi-home tasks, more info here: Rules • Asana Product Guide, Multi-Home tasks automatically in two projects - #2 by Andrea_Mayer

Though portfolio is great as well as it offers a lot of features: How to Get Started With Asana Portfolios | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

And then you can also make use of the Workload feature see Workload • Asana Product Guide

I hope that helps