Automatically populate/ update Portfolios based on Query

It would be great to automate Portfolios. As they are collections of projects, I would like to have projects that are created by certain teams/ members automatically get added to Portfolios. So, build a search and have that update regularly or run on portfolio load. This differs to the Search Save as Report in that the search seems to return Tasks not Projects, and Portfolios make more sense in being automatically updated based on attributes rather than just a search report.

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Welcome to the Forum @Colin_Morris and thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us! Portfolio are just out, and we’re already working on future improvements, so your feedback is very important to us! I can’t promise we will implement automation in the near future, but we will definitely take your feedback onboard and keep this option on our radar!

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The workflow would be more efficient and accurate if there was a portfolio that automatically added all currently open projects. It is very time consuming to create and manage if you need an over all look throughout your company.

Upvoting this one.

I would like to see automation created so that IF created project is in the marketing team ADD to “Marketing” Portfolio and IF project is created ADD to “All Projects” Portfolio.

If automation isn’t possible, to at least have an option within the project itself that allows us to add the project to a portfolio.

Marketing Portfolio allow us to view specific marketing items where as the All Project allows us to determine workload across all the projects.

+1 to all of this. Any update on this feature request now that we are at the end of 2021?

This would be so nice — the ability to automatically populate portfolios based on a variable field. It would eliminate a lot of manual work. Is there any status here?