Automatically place tasks in the different sections of "My Tasks" based on the due date

I really love “My Tasks”. It gives me a picture of what I have to do for the day and lets me reorder things as I need to (when sort is disabled). However there are some odd quirks that create a weird experience that I think can be improved…

  • If I want to create a new task that’s due today, there are 2 steps I have to take: (1) create the task and assign a due date, then (2) move the task from recently assigned to ‘today’. Seems like this should be able to be done in 1 shot.
  • If I want to move a task to ‘upcoming’, I have to also take 2 steps: (1) change the due date and (2) move the task to upcoming. If I forget to change the due date, the task will get stuck in upcoming.

Some potential solutions…

  • When My Tasks are unsorted, have a button that automatically places tasks where they need to go (today, upcoming, later) based on their due date.
  • When My Tasks are sorted by due date, allow the user to manually reorder tasks that have the same due date. If you had this approach, you could also allow the user to only see certain days, e.g. today, tomorrow, next 7 days, etc.

I hope this feedback is helpful!



Please remember that the due date and the section are unrelated, except when it comes to task auto-promotion. Asana won’t place in Today something just created with a today’s date, because that is not really the philosophy.

When creating your task, you can create it directly in the correct section from the My Tasks view. But I suppose you were referring to creation from anywhere in the app?