Automatically or One-click Button to Move Completed Tasks in My Tasks Weekly Calendar View to Bottom of List

It would be great if when you marked a task as complete in your My Tasks Week View it would automatically move the task to the bottom of the list. Or an option to turn that on or off. Or add a new button to the context menu when you hover a task. Similar to the Checkmark to complete the task, maybe a small arrow pointing down on the far right side of the task would send it to the bottom of the list.

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What about clicking on “All tasks” in top right corner and hide completed tasks?

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I feel silly for not thinking of trying that! That is actually very helpful and I think I’ll start doing that. It would still be nice to have them move down in some sort of easy/automatic way for visual pleasure and seeing how many tasks have been completed at the same time without having to switch the view back and forth. But that’s pretty nitpicky of me and this will more than suffice. Thanks Bastien!

My pleasure! Happy to help.

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