Automatically mark whole section as complete based on custom fields decision


I want to automatically mark an entire selection complete based on a trigger rule from custom fields where stakeholders either have to answer “yes” or “no” (and if they answer yes a whole section of task is not needed) in a template I am working on. Is this possible? If so, can someone please guide me how to do it.

Many thanks in advance!

Yes, under specific circumstances it could work. Without knowing how you’re setup, it’s hard to answer.

An entire selection of what? Subtasks? Tasks? Subtasks of different tasks? Subtasks of the same task?

Where do the stakeholders select yes or no? In a task? In a subtask? In a form?

Okay, sounds promising!

An entire selection of tasks and subtask (in total I have 5 sections for the template/process). The current set up I have is a that the question is in a task and the answer in a custom field (yes/no). However, this is flexible depending on possible solutions.


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You might also wanna have a look at this existing feedback request thread which is similar to your request.

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