automatically hide previous images (upon new comments) is irritating

I notice that adding a comment on a task sometimes hides a preceding image (that is already loaded). It is confusing - sometimes I wonder if I clicked wrong, but then I realize that only the list is rendered newly and in another way.

I know that you also want to provide a proper UX on mobile devices, BUT (if you did not know) : On mobile devices scrolling has been invented, too. And scrolling is not bad.

Hi @olle.nebendahl and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us in the Forum. just to be sure I’m getting this right, would you like to see all comments by default instead of having to click on “Load more comments”?

Looking forward to your reply!

That would be the perfect solution.
A somewhat less invasive solution (to the current logic) would be to just being able to see all those comments that were already shown before the new comment is made.

(The point is, that the already opened task with already expanded comments changes upon saving a next comment.)

Thanks or the additional information @olle.nebendahl

I just tried to reproduce this behavior on my end:

  1. Created a task
  2. Attached a picture
  3. Added a couple of comments until my earliest comments (and attachement) got hidden behind “x more comments”
  4. Expanded all comments
  5. Added a new comment

After Step 5, all my comments are still all visible (including the photo), so I’m wondering if this is not a browser issue! Can you confirm if you’re able to reproduce the issue with a private window or another browser?

I guess the reproduction should not use the “expand all comments”-button.
Your reproduction step 3 should be: Add the maximum amount of comments so that no comment gets hidden behind “x more comments”
and you shold not do step 4. Then in step 5 (or the new step4) some comments get hidden.