Automatically Follow Tasks When They are Created

  • My team uses Asana in list-view as an extension of our relationship with a web development vendor.
  • Often, the development team will create tasks for our requests, but may forget to add me to a given request. My role is as support for tasks, where other team members supervise. It would make sense for me to toggle an option to assign myself to each task.
  • When I fail to be added as a collaborator, I must manually add myself to each task as they are created by others, with no notification to me. This adds considerable busy time to a tool built for productivity, and has left me out of the loop on a few projects during important meetings. It’s affecting my ability to rely on Asana as a task management tool.
  • I’ve tried asking team members to remember to add me as a collaborator, but it would be much more reliable if there was a simple toggle for “Automatically add me as a collaborator to tasks on this board.”

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