Automatically follow tasks assigned to a Team member

I have direct reports and I’d like to follow all of their tasks so that I get a notification when they have completed a task so I can check their work.

Currently I’d have to manually follow each of their tasks every-time they create a task, or someone else creates a task for them. Or instruct everyone to add specific managers as collaborators each time they create a task but they would have to know who is the persons manager and their name and add them.

The workaround we are doing is creating a project for each team-member named after the team member and then we are following the project. Example project named Jane Doe, then any task that Jane Doe creates or is created for her, they are instructed to assign it to Jane Doe and also put it in the project Jane Doe. This is obviously not ideal.

This doesn’t exactly solve your issue, but have you experimented with using the Advanced Search feature to find & save a list of all tasks assigned to Jane Doe?

While you won’t get notifications when things are completed, it’s an easy way to see all of his / her tasks in 1 place without needing to create a new project and manually move everything there.

  • My team uses Asana in list-view as an extension of our relationship with a web development vendor.
  • Often, the development team will create tasks for our requests, but may forget to add me to a given request. My role is as support for tasks, where other team members supervise. It would make sense for me to toggle an option to assign myself to each task.
  • When I fail to be added as a collaborator, I must manually add myself to each task as they are created by others, with no notification to me. This adds considerable busy time to a tool built for productivity, and has left me out of the loop on a few projects during important meetings. It’s affecting my ability to rely on Asana as a task management tool.
  • I’ve tried asking team members to remember to add me as a collaborator, but it would be much more reliable if there was a simple toggle for “Automatically add me as a collaborator to tasks on this board.”

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This would be useful for how our team uses Asana as well. Thanks!