Automatically create a task in a second project



When I add a task to a particular project is there a way to have it added to another automatically? I’m looking at using one project for managing status of tasks, and another for managing what deliveries tasks will be in, but this needs tasks to be in both projects, and I don’t want to forget to add a task to each one.

I’ve looked at Zapier but that doesn’t have an action to add a project to a task. Do any other automation tools support this action?

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So you would like to have an automated multi-homing if I understand well? One workaround would be to always duplicate a model task that is multi-homed…
@paulminors any idea with Zapier?

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You could have a custom search that shows all task of a given project, that would work! Do you understand what I mean?


Ah, I’ve created a search which shows me all the top-level task in one project but not the other, which means I have a simple way to check and assign unallocated tasks in one operation. Not as good having it done automatically, but it helps.

Thank you.


I’m not sure what you mean by model task that is multi-homed. Can you explain further?


“Multi-homed” refers to a task that is assigned to more than one project. I.e. it lives in multiple projects and thus has “multiple homes”.


Unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible with Zapier. It seems that with the “Update task” action it won’t let you add to a second project. With this in mind, @Fred_Smith’s idea might be the best option.


@paulminors, thank you, proves my glasses don’t need replacing yet. Does anyone know if any other automation tools have this ability?


I’ve been searching for this recently, too – but to no avail. I’ve also submitted it to Zapier to implement, but who knows how long that’ll take. :frowning: