Automatically close a linked ticket?

My org has many project boards with various tickets. Sometimes, we have tickets in different projects that are related and we’d like to be able to link tickets so that when a “parent” ticket is closed, the child ticket will automatically close.

As an example, we currently have a ticket for a small bug that is going to be addressed while working on a ticket that involves a related area, but each ticket is in a different project board. Is there a way to link that bug ticket so that it will auto-close when the other ticket is closed?

Hi @EmmyH ,

Welcome to the forum! This can be accomplished with dependencies and rules. In the example you shared (one “parent” bug task that, when fixed/completed, will resolve/complete individual issue tasks in numerous other projects), you could:

  1. Create all tasks (issues)
  2. Make all “child” tasks dependent on the parent
  3. Have a rule on all projects that completes a task when it’s no longer blocked

The result will be: when you complete that “parent” bug, every child will get unblocked and the rule will run to complete them.


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