Automatically Changing status when dependant tasks completed


I’m very new to Asana, so just getting my head around it. Sorry if this is a stupid question!

Is it possible for tasks to change their status, once previous tasks are completed?

For example, Task D is dependant on tasks A, B and C.
Once A, B and C are all completed, can D change automatically change status from, say, “Waiting” to “Ready”?

(Or is there a better way to achieve the same result?)

Hi @Jon_King,

I believe you can set up a rule for this using the “Task is no longer waiting” trigger and the “Set Status” action.

You can set these up by clicking the rules button in the top-right of your project (on desktop) and then selecting the “Create custom rule” option in the modal that opens.

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@Jon_King, One way is to use the new Rules feature, if you’re on the Business plan. See the list of rule triggers in the first post below–one is “Dependent task is no longer waiting”:


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Thanks @BenCro and @lpb for the responses.
We’re only on Premium plan (not business plan). So can’t create custom rules…

I’m guessing there isn’t any other way of doing it?

(I’d imagined this would be a fairly obvious thing for the system to do, so I’m surprised it’s not a standard feature)

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Hi @Jon_King,

Sorry about that, the only applicable pre-defined rule I can see is “Task is no longer waiting → Set due date”, you might be able to adjust your workflow to integrate this rule but I’m not sure how useful that would be for you.

Alternatively, you could look into restructuring the tasks to be sub-tasks of a parent task and this may be a bit clearer for your team but without knowing the specifics I can’t help much more.


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@Jon_King, I don’t see another automatic way of doing this (w/o Business plan). Notifications will be generated, at least, but you’ll have to process those manually.

Unfortunately that pre-defined rule is only available on the Business plan, not Premium.

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