Automatically adjust subtask due dates



Asana works great for building and planning an editorial calendar, but it quickly becomes cumbersome when deadlines shift, which happens often. When I update the due date for a task – say, pushing it 1 week later than originally assigned – I have to manually update the due dates for 10-20 subtasks to account for this change. It would be great if subtasks could mirror the parent task and automatically update – to 1 week later, in this example.

Alternatively, I’d like to have a way to build in the amount of time individual subtasks take. For example, a ‘first edit’ subtask is dependent on the ‘first draft’ subtask and it typically takes 3 days to complete. If the first draft is delayed, I would like the due date of the first edit subtask to adjust itself to 3 days after the first draft subtask is completed.

As neither of these are possible at the moment, can anyone suggest a workaround?


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