Automatically Adding Task Followers via Asana Forms

Hi there! I just upgraded to an Asana Business account and am currently setting up a form for a new Asana project folder. Ultimately we want this folder to function as a home for all of the marketing requests our colleagues make.

There’s a required field in Asana Forms for a requestee’s email address, however I was wondering if it’s possible to automatically incorporate those email addresses into the task that is created after they press submit. If this isn’t possible, could it be done using Automation? We’re trying to eliminate that additional step of having to add every person requesting a project to the task so they can follow and/or check its status (we have custom fields set up that mark requests as “In Progress,” “On Hold,” etc.)


Hi @Jackie_Cimino :wave:t3:Welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing this feedback, that’s a great idea!

Currently with Forms, you can choose a default assignee for tasks generated from your form, but that doesn’t extend to follower unfortunately! With Rules you can choose a default assignee for each new task generated by your form, but as it stands, it is not possible to automatically pick the requester to be a default follower.

Rules and Forms are still pretty new but we’re already looking into how we can improve and develop them so I’ve made a task for our product team to look into this option and I’ll make sure to keep you posted via this thread when I hear more about our plans!