Automatically Adding Task Collaborators via Asana Forms

Another +1 for this feature to be added, please!


Why are we still waiting for this feature? Is it too hard?


This is why Flowsana is the best!


+1 on needing this for our org. The use-case is we have a bug submission project that various teams use to submit bugs that are important to their team.

We want the ability for whoever submits the bug / task to be assigned as a collaborator to get follow-up notifications and keep track of the status.

Interesting, this supports my comment up thread that I could have sworn that it was a feature in the past.

WOOOHOOOO, now there is an option to automatically add the form submitter as a collaborator on the task. That’s fantastic!!!

BUT there are 2 limitations to that feature:

  1. only company members are added → this is a small limitation
  2. the function can only be activated IF the formular is only activated für company members → so, if you work together with customers or guests, this feature doesn’t work for you anymore! :frowning:

ASANA, why this??? When will this feature be usable also if the formular is used with others than only company members???

To all those reading this thread, this is a new feature being rolled out, currently available to some but not all.

@Tanja_Stiber, I just tested and I think you may be mistaken about both of these. The limitation is that the new feature only applies to Org-only forms, not to anyone-can-access forms. But Org-only forms include both Org members and guests and the feature works for me for both members and for guests who are in the Org.

Hope that helps,


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@lpb thanks for your explanations!! :clap:
This sounds great and I will test it as well. I was mislead by the descriptions of teh feature!

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How can we get this available in our Asana org? I need to have the form requestor added as a collaborator on tasks submitted via form automatically.

:heart_eyes: Thanks for adding this functionality

Welcome, @Lauren_Kemp,

It will come automatically to your org soon; we all just have to wait as it’s fully rolled out. You can also watch for announcements here in the Forum.