Automatically Adding Task Collaborators via Asana Forms

This “its pretty new, we don’t have it” response was 3 years ago. 3 years!

You have an email field.
It would be ridiculously trivial for you to add the option to have the user/guest added as a collaborator if the email address is known/recognized.

300+ organizations requesting it over 3 years means there are likely 5x that number and the tens of thousands of associated users who have needed this.

How about we measure the cumulative time lost by your customers, counted in 2nds, by having to repeat this manual task? I’m sure the number would stretch into hundreds of days counted as seconds.

Isn’t this exactly the type of thing you claim ASANA is suppose to solve?



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Seems like Asana really wants that only Flowsana supports this, so that we’re ‘forced’ to pay their partner…

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+1 on this – I dont understand how its not a feature already??

+1 to implement this natively :pray:
As a new user, this kind of manual work is exactly the kind of thing I’d expect Asana to solve for me :cry:

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This just seems like table stakes…how could you even release this feature without supporting some way to track who submitted the form? This is a joke, Asana. That’s even before considering you’ve had three years to fix it.

Hi there,

a recent update from Asana - allowing up to 50 rules per project - allowed us to find a workaround. It is of course limited to smaller teams, but better than nothing.

  1. We created a Custom Field (Single Choice) called “Form-Submitter” containing an entry for every employee (i.e. T. Example, L. Muller, etc.). This custom field should contain every person contributing tasks to the project through the form.

  2. In the form we replaced field “Name” with this custom field “Form-Submitter” and made it mandatory.

  3. Within the project we created one rule for each employee:
    – Trigger: A Task was added to the project AND Custom Field “Form Submitter” = L. Muller
    – Action: Asign Asana-User “Lisa Muller” to this Task

What happens is:
Tom Example fills out the form and selects himself (T. Example) in the custom field “Form Submitter”.
This task gets added to the project and the individual rule for T.Example fires:
Tom Example gets asigned to this task as responsible person.

This is a bit of work in the beginning and needs adjustments whenevery form submitters change, but for us it does a great job and is an automation-milestone!

Hope this helps at least one of you.


Please tell us you’re working on this and it’s just around the corner??

+1 to this request, it would be nice to do without having to add a whole other app like Flowsana.

It would be great if after doing the work of creating a custom field for ‘Requested By’ to dump the ‘Name’ field from a form into, if you could then use that along with the custom rules to add them as a collaborator to the project when the task is created.

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Hi @Kayla_Bayens, While this feature isn’t available at this time, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future

We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates

definitely need it!

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Uber +1 on needing this! My team can’t find what they’ve submitted unless I add them as a collaborator and it’s quite a clunky process. Please add this, Asana!

We need this feature super bad. I mean, if Uber needs this how comes it’s not being done. Imagine what that does to your active user base in the product and network effect. You will make more money.

Not to dispute the value of this request but I don’t think this referred to Uber the company, but “uber” as in “extremely much”. :wink:

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Any update on this feature request? This would be life change for our team.

I just implemented Flowsana to utilize this feature and it worked like a charm!

I just came here to find out how to use rules to set this up and now I see why I can’t find it. Is this still not a feature/option yet?

PLEASE PLEASE! This is so important!

Really need this feature, seems pretty basic