Automatically add me as a follower on *everything*



We’re a wee little agency, and as the founder I still keep an eye on literally everything. The “follower” feature is perfect for this, in that I can blast through my Inbox and know what’s up.

So… is there a way for me to be a task follower on literally every task?

  • Run a Search in Asana
    • Followed by: Not me (this is a handy Asana search option)
    • Completion: Incomplete
  • Select all Tasks returned by the search and add yourself as a follower.
  • Save the Search as a Report and repeat on a regular basis.
    • If you can’t remember to do this on a regular basis, create a recurring Task to remind yourself :wink:
  • :tumbler_glass:


Nice hack! :slight_smile:

Still a hack, but I’ll take it.

I wonder if I could get Zapier to take care of this for me…


I wondered the same thing. Worth investigating.