Automatically add information on who submitted a form

We would like to know in our organization who filed a particular form. We use them for internal feedback and bug reports. Right now we solve this with a custom field called ‘Filed By’. It would be much easier if the task would show as ‘created by’ and this evaluates to the person that filled in the form.

This would be great if a user has an Asana license in the organization that if they’re signed in or have an option to sign-in their information could easily be captured in the form providing this internal feedback. As a workaround for one form we created, because we had a small list of people who would fill out the form, we created a custom field with their names and linked it to a drop-down field and were able to do some automation/rules off that. While it worked, this wasn’t scalable and does become messy with the amount of rules that needed to be created for each user.

Looks like a similar request is located here: Forms: Automatically add team member details.