Automatically add all projects to the Dashboard?



Since the update, I can no longer add projects to my Dashboard. Frankly all new projects should be automatically added to the Dashboard, which I thought is what happened when “Add and Remove to my Dashboard” was removed. But nope, new projects added since update are not on the Dashboard.

Add to Dashboard button no longer exists?
New Update -- Adding projects to dashboard

Oh I see you’ve changed how you add to dashboard, and honestly made it more complicated.

Please tell me you also added “Automatically add all projects to dashboard” in the settings?


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Damian_Dodd. As it stands, all projects aren’t automatically added to the dashboard, this is something you would still need to do manually; that said I can see your point here, and there is definitely an opportunity to implement this option in the future.

I’ve slightly modify your title to illustrate this feature request, and since your post is already in the #productfeedback, it will give the opportunity to other community members to vote for this request!

Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience; have a great day! :slight_smile:


I don’t understand why this was changed. This was something me and my team use quite a bit. You’ve certainly made this more difficult. Can this be changed back? It’s poor user experience for us to have to leave the screen to add it to the dashboard.


Agree Damian. Removing the opportunity to quickly add a project to the Dashboard seems crazy. Isn’t it suggested that the Dashboard is a quick place to review your projects, but now it’s cumbersome to add it there! Asana – you just made it more difficult to track projects – brilliant!


Thanks for both your feedback @JesseG and @Sandy_Friedman, I can appreciate where you’re coming form and I’ve gone ahead and escalated your comments on this recent update. Unfortunately this can’t be reverted; that being said, you can still add projects to your Dashboard from the Dashboard itself. Again, my sincere apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. Have both a great Friday!

New Update -- Adding projects to dashboard

It just doesn’t make much sense that you made something harder. Dashboard is already lacking in functionality. I’m hoping you all are planning on more options than just tasks vs completed tasks. That’s decent for a project manager but I would really love if you made Dashboard Hours proposed vs hours completed, and implemented hours tracking within asana. But yes, please add auto add all projects to Dashboard. Because I don’t enjoy adding each one every time.


During the last update, Asana removed the ‘Add to Dashboard’ button on the ‘Progress’ tab of the project. Please, please, PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!

Removing this feature has caused so many headaches within our accounting firm, as we use one dashboard for all ‘client’ progress throughout the month. When going through an editing each clients progress, I was able to easily see if they weren’t on our dashboard and add them to it. It makes no sense to update the progress… then have to go to to the dashboard to ‘Add Project Summary’.

This has really screwed our workflow up, plus adding MUCH more time. The old ‘progress’ area was much more sufficient.


Hi @Ashley_Durham and thank you so much for sharing your feedback and taking the time to provide us with some context. We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve merged your post with this main thread to gather all feedback in one place. feel free to add your vote to the main thread as votes don’t carry over when merging threads.

Happy Monday!


Adding my voice here to ask in the strongest terms that the team replace the previous functionality. Press one button once to add a project to the dashboard VERSUS opening the dashboard, refer to my master grid to find the project name, type the whole multi-word name out because many projects start with the same phrases, click name to choose. It’s obvious that the process became un-streamlined.


Please bring back the add to dashboard button and option to add in the project dropdown menu within a project! It’s way to cumbersome to do this from the dashboard page. Very disappointed with this change!


Hey everyone,

I’m used to pressing the ‘add to dashboard’ or ‘remove from dashboard’ button on the ‘progress’ tab of my different tasks. This button has suddenly vanished.