Automatic notification/update


We have an issue with notifications that appear anytime someone adds a PageProof (third party) update. When attaching a PageProof link, an update is automatically created ‘by’ one user that is pretty redundant and almost unnecessary (see attached screenshot). Not sure if this is a PageProof setting or not, but it’s seemingly not something that admin is able to clear out on her own accord.

If the integration indeed attaches a document, then this is expected behaviour to notify the collaborators. Right @Phil_Seeman @lpb ?


Yes, that’s my understanding, @Bastien_Siebman. If so and you’re a task collaborator, you’ll get the notification.



It seems to be redundant notifications on our end, as the status update of the attachment already notifies collaborators. The second status update (the “This task is referenced…”) isn’t possible to turn off? It’s a little nitpicky, sure, but said user is inundated with notifications when others are utilizing this third party app

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