Automatic link to property address


I am using a project to handle our client property addresses. Most of our team is mobile and would need to use that project to find and navigate to addresses.

I noticed that phone numbers, emails and webpages all automatically hyperlink but I can’t get it to work with an address. Is there a certain way to do it so it will automatically direct to your default navigation app?

I’m trying this on an iPhone X.



@Tim_Sherrod Have you tried adding a URL from a navigation site like Google Maps or Apple Maps in a custom field on the task. This would make it very easy for the team to link out to the address in the corresponding Maps app on their phones.


Thanks for the reply. I have trie that and it will work, but I would rather it show the address and instead of a length URL. Some people use different navigation apps, so I would have to post for all of those. For some reason, the custom field links aren’t clickable on an iPhone or iPad yet.