Auto-Replies after Integrating Gmail with Asana

Hi! I recently connected our gmail account to Asana, so all incoming items would become tickets. However, users not on Asana are receiving a rejection notice from “” and the email itself is not become a ticket.

Is there a way to stop these auto replies and stop rejecting tickets based on the sender?

Hi @Marie_Widmer and welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

For security reasons, only members of your Organisation/Workspace can create task in Asana. So when emailing a task into Asana, our system systematically checks the sender’s email address and will automatically reject the email if the sender isn’t a member of your Organisation/Workspace. You can learn more about this in the following article: (refer to the “Asana tips”).

Depending on your set up you could either:

  • Create a List of contact including all members of your organization in Gmail, and then set your rules in Gmail to redirect to Asana only email coming from this list.
  • Systematically invite these users as Guest of your Organisation.

Hope this helps!