Auto promote repeating tasks out of "New"

Is there a workaround for the deprecated functionality of auto-moving repeating tasks from “New” into “Upcoming” or “Later” based on their due date? I used this extensively and it is driving me absolutely batty to have every single weekly task show up in “new” only to have to be moved. I really don’t need to interact with “Take out the trash” except to see it populate itself into “Today” on Thursdays and check it off when it’s done. Between this and the deprecation of Tab+L, Tab+U, Tab+Y, I am limping along with Asana until I have time to switch back to Trello at the end of the academic term. Which is frustrating since I’ve used it now for over 7 years.

I don’t know if that answers your issue, but in Profile Settings > Hacks there is now an option to have recurring tasks appear in the last section of My Tasks. And I believe then you can have regular Rules to move them to Today or Upcoming based on due date. Does that help?


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