Auto-populate Due date in task name

Hi, is it possible to have the Due date auto-populated in the Task Name based on the due date assigned to the task? Thanks

Welcome, @John48,

It’s not possible natively in Asana, but would be with (/cc @Phil_Seeman) I believe, and with some more effort, tools like Zapier.


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Hi @John48,

As @lpb said, you could do this with a Flowsana rule. It would look something like:

If a task’s due date is set,
Then modify its name to {task.Name} {task.DueDate}

(This particular example would append a space followed by the due date to the end of a task’s name, but you have lots of flexibility as to exactly how you want to construct the modified name.)


I also built a related automation going through my client account all day every day to rename tasks =)

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