Auto Populate Custom Fields


Is there a method by which I could populate custom fields via a formatted email?

Usage Case:

  • Using a Google form to collect Purchasing Card detail
  • I have the invoice copied over and other details about the purchase populate the title / description in Asana
  • I still have the amount coming in the title brackets [ ] which we all know don’t sum anymore
  • Thus, is there any syntax where I could populate a custom field based on the inbound email?



Are you referring to task creation by email? You cannot populate custom fields this way.


Yes…it’s unfortunate we can’t do this vis syntax in the subject.


I have this idea in the back of my head to build some kind of email proxy to allow task creation by email to be way more powerful. Don’t know if I’ll build it or not. Maybe if I find someone to join my incubator :wink: