Auto-logout more rigorous

I am the PM for our Asana tool at my office and A LOT of staff are similarly expressing frustration. I understand that there are security measures that need to be met, but as a tool that someone is consistently using, having to log back in (without being prompted you’ve been logged out!) every 15 days seems excessive.

We use Slack for communication between staff, which involves just as privileged information security-wise and I have never been asked to log back in. The app opens upon turning on my computer and I’m automatically signed in.

If this IS completely necessary, can there at least be a way to login within the App itself? For me and my staff, we need to click sign in, which then opens up a window in browser where you need to click sign in again, and then AGAIN need to click launch Asana to be brought back to the Desktop app.


Came to the forums to say the same thing. I keep getting logged out, maybe every few days or so on both my computers. I don’t see any reason for this happening. Just keep me logged in for a month.
Very annoying that it randomly happens when you’re typing things.

Same here, no one else is doing it, find a solution to fix this. People will switch to something even worse just to stay logged in forever.

I have not been using Asana for so long, but this is by far my biggest problem with the tool. I tried using both the browser version and the desktop version, but it does not solve the problem.

I am very close to switching to something else. Does anybody have any recommendations? :slight_smile:

As an extra security measure I decided to activate Two-Factor Authentication in order to login to the desktop app, which requires my cellphone each time.
Every 5 days or so I’m logged out which is pretty annoying, especially when my phone just happens to be somewhere else :rage:

I the last 3 weeks I’ve started taking notes of the days Asana (desktop, Windows) loses the session and asks me to log back in: every friday. So, every 7 days you ask me log back in, and to be honest, it does not make sense, since I use the application daily.

Please, let me change this setting. If my email does not do that, why is Asana doing it?

If I vote here, am I voting for an Auto-logout to be more rigorous?
this topic should maybe be called ‘Auto-logout less rigorous’ so people know what they vote for…

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I also find the requests to log in disruptive, because they always appear at some random point in the middle of my workday. I always use Asana from the same computer, so I’d expect the login to be a little more persistent, like with almost any other app.

I’d suggest:

  • Logout less often. At least give us 30 days… but maybe longer. Why not renew the login automatically as long as I keep using it every day on the same computer?
  • Logout outside of work hours. I’d rather log in again at the beginning of my workday. I know it’s always the middle of the day somewhere, etc. but there are many criteria that would be better in terms of reducing frustrations than just counting the seconds since the last login.

This is a major problem that needs to be addressed ASAP, and can be solved with minimal effort from Asana staff

Being logged off every 7 days using SAML, and as mentioned above, it’s a login 3-times process:
One from the app to redirect to web
One in the web app
One more time from the app and then it goes through.