Auto justify task copy to left


It is annoying to need to manually justify tasks which contain a fair amount of words. Having a task “stuck” in the middle when perusing the task list often means taking time to justify the task to make it readable.

Example: Task in left bar reads

"preventing the line from reaching target units how do we add capacity to overcome the bottleneck ? "

The entire task reads -
If a C player is a bottleneck and is preventing the line from reaching target units how do we add capacity to overcome the bottleneck ?

It would be great if Asana would auto justify to make the task read:
If a C player is a bottleneck and is preventing the line from reaching target units how do we add cap

This auto justify refresh would occur when the task is not highlighted. In other words the user moves on.

This would be a great help for on line meetings - and again save clean up work to re-justify the task.

Long Task Names - Default to the Beginning instead of the End

You are so right, this is annoying.


I never even knew this was an issue because I’ve never typed a task title that long! Clearly it’s a difference of approaches, but I always try to phrase tasks as short, measurable actions. What you’ve typed in your example would be the description of a task title something like ‘Find a solution to the bottleneck’.

Clearly there’s no single right or wrong way to set up tasks, but it’s interesting to see how other people use Asana.


Hi Jay, and perhaps @Bastien_Siebman for clarification -

I don’t know what problem you’re experiencing? I tried to remake it based on your example and I don’t see any issue?

What do you mean by ‘stuck’ in the middle?


Is this what you are referring to?


How are you getting that @Bastien_Siebman? I’ve never had that come up and don’t know how to replicate it, the field always just expands for me.


Very easy, you type a super long title in the center pane, the text keep expanding on the right (hiding the left of the text) and then you move out of the task. Voilà!


Okay the instructions were still really unclear, but I finally figured out what you’re talking about:

  1. Create a task, and in the left list pane (not the task view), type out a long task title.
  2. The title scrolls as you type, doesn’t expand in list view, so if the title is longer than the determined width of the list view, it doesn’t show the first part of the title, just the last part
  3. The request is to always start showing the beginning of the title, regardless of length, rather than the end of it


Sorry for my bad english then :slight_smile:
you summarized nicely!


Nothing wrong with the language, just the explanation, it’s hard to explain certain things via text =) But I got it now!


Caisha, great job understanding the situation and yes ! you are correct.


Hi Caisha, Any thoughts on the ETA to have long left pane tasks auto justify left? BTW the iOS mobile app does auto justify which is great. Thanks in advance. Jay


I’m not an asana employee, just a moderator so I can’t answer that for ya sorry! @Alexis usually can’t provide timeline estimates or anything of the sort, though.


Thanks for looping me in, @Caisha! :slight_smile:

@JayHarris we’re not able to provide specific feature timelines. However, you can see most of our product updates on the Asana blog. For more info on how we manage our product roadmap and engage with requests in the Community, check out this post: **Read this before posting** How you can give feedback and what we do next


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Alexis, thanks for the feedback. I also noticed the sub-tasks are behaving properly, remain left justified and wrap if the characters exceed the mask.