Auto-generated link from integer custom field



(note that this is somewhat different than the “link from URL in text custom field” questions like this one)

I’d like to create direct references to our issue tracking system from custom fields in our team’s Asana tasks. I know I can enter URLs in task’s descriptions but that makes it a little less practical.

What I was hoping for is for a way to configure a numeric custom field (with 0 decimals for integers) so that it automatically creates links using the entered value. This would allow me enter the issue number in a task’s “issue ID” custom field (like “1234”) and the field itself would become a click-able link directly to that specific issue in the tracker (like “”).



Hi @Carlos_Knippschild. This is a very cool idea! At this time we are not able to create links in custom fields in the way you describe. However, I bet you could get creative with the API! Take a look around here [Asana Developers] and let us know if you’re interested in exploring the concept more. :slight_smile:


Thanks Alexis. Before writing this question I did give a brief look over the Developers documentation and it seemed to me that the API is mostly to allow 3rd party apps to access data in Asana and not to customize Asana’s behavior and interface. Did I overlook something?


Glad to know you were able to find the Developers Resources first. :slight_smile: You probably didn’t overlook anything, but I’m going to loop in my DevRel colleague, @Matt_Bramlage to confirm that we’ve exhausted all our options.


Hey there! I answered your Stack Overflow question - small world!

Yes, unfortunately there’s no way to get the field itself to link out to something else, but, funny enough, one of our engineers built a hackathon project very similar to this! (it put a link immediately following the field).

One thing you can do is to form the link through our API and put it into one of our text fields, like the description or a comment, where it will be read and converted to the outgoing link. This would require your team to know what to look for, sadly, but it would work for a quick way to take a custom field and generate a link.


Thanks Matt. As a reference for others, this is the StackOverflow question.