Auto create a new, repeating task when a task is completed


I’d like to know if this is possible please?

Auto create a new, repeating task due, say, in two weeks time when a task is completed…

If this is possible it will save me having to manually create the same task to repeat twice a month for the whole year!



good news! It is.

Just say for repeating tasks: periodically after 14 days of completion



Super, that’s just the job. Thank you Sebastian.


This works well, but also copies all photos from the completed task to the new task. The photos are specific to each task, so copying them to the next is confusing.

I really need the task to recur without duplicating any pictures that may be in that task.

Is this possible, or do you have another solution? e.g. creation of tasks using a template or something?


By default, every attachment is copied to the duplicated task, so you can either delete it or create tasks for every time in advance.



Okay. Looks like I will have to create the tasks manually. Shame, the repeat function very nearly fitted the bill!

Thank you