Auto-Assign Unique ID #'s to Tasks/Issues within Projects


On our old project platform, we had a mechanism to auto-assign unique ID #'s to all of our tasks and issues on our project sites. We relied on this when tracking our time or communicating between team members/clients, because by using the ID #, we always knew the specific item someone was referring to. We’d often have multiple items entered with similar titles/descriptions, but using the ID #'s helped eliminate any confusion.

With Asana, we have to rely on referring to task/issue titles when reporting our time or communicating in meetings with team members. If each item within a project had a unique ID # assigned to it, it’d just make some of this communication a bit quicker and clearer for our team. We also track a large number of items on some of our boards, and without the ability to filter the view by Person or Custom Fields, having an ID # to look for would be much quicker than reading through all the item descriptions/titles. I’ve thought about using a custom # field for ID #'s, but since we would have to manually enter each ID #, there would likely end up being duplicates.


Yes this would be a great feature, I currently assign a unique ID from another program so I dont get lost with hundreds of jobs per week