Auto Assign Task to Project

Apologies if this has been asked before, I searched the forums with one similar question with no replies.

We manage 10+ brands for merchandising. Each brand has its own Team, with projects such as Production, Web Development, Marketing, etc.

My production team is having a hard time keeping up with the various Teams. They are assigned to each Team’s Project: Production, but they only get the ping in their inbox, and when five people are constantly entering orders, things are getting missed. There are also multiple people in the Production department, and they assign the order to whoever needs to handle it, so I can’t assign the initial production request to a specific person.

I wondered if the following is possible. Remove the production department from each Project, and create a master Production Team. When I am in Team A, and I cross-link into Team A: Production, can that Task auto cross-link to Team Production?

That way, we can still easily identify all production for Team A/B/C, while my production department has one master Team to work from, an not multiple updates across multiple teams.

I understand we can manually cross-link to both Team A: Production and Team Production, but would be great if this was automated

Hi @Robbie_McPhail,

Asana doesn’t have any built-in automation capabilities so this isn’t possible with the core product.

This is an easy thing to accomplish with my Flowsana integration - you would just set up the following rule in each team’s Team X: Production project:

This would take just a few minutes to add the rule to the 10 or so team production projects, and would accomplish exactly what you want.