Auto assign task created to self



how can i assign tasks to myself by default while creating…i have a list of tasks and it becomes a problem to assign them to specific user. nice to know if there is option to assign defaults.


specifically in iOS app. know of selecting multiple tasks online; don’t see if i could do the same in iOS???


There’s not a general default, but there are two things that might help:

  1. If you create a task in My Tasks (on Desktop or Mobile), it will be assigned to yourself.
  2. If you create a task somewhere else (in a project or task) on the Desktop version, you can press Tab-M after you type the name and before you press Enter.

Automatically Assign Task

thank you that helps.:+1:


And @Craig_Fifer; what you mentioned is really good; but there must be better workflows to do multi-select in iOS/android app (if the web has it!) ; not a good idea to have too much disconnect between features of web vs iOS/android app…atleast on basic usability ones


Agreed – there are frequent requests to make the apps more like the desktop version, and I know Asana has documented that.


Thanks! Tab-M will do the trick.