Auto Assign Due Dates based on Launch Date



When working with product launches it is common to work from the ideal launch date and assign tasks going backwards for planning resources and build. I’ve created a template in Asana to help manage the multiple, cross-functional tasks, but I’d like to be able to select a launch date and have the rest of the task’s “due-dates” fill in automatically based on my choose launch date. (ex. -7 days, -30 days, etc.)

For example, if I want to launch a product on May 31, but I need to have collateral finalized 1 week before then the task to deliver material would automatically populate with May 24th (-7 days) after assigning May 31st to the actual launch tasks.

Is this possible using Asana or a plug-in?


This is great feedback, thanks for sharing. It’s not something you can do automatically in the product today, but we’ll capture this suggestion for the team to help us work on developing a solution for this.


This is something that is vital for us as the data entry is almost unbearable because of this. Can a job also be auto archived once all tasks are completed?


The feature that Holly describes above would be tremendously helpful for our organization as well. Thank you!


I’d love to see this feature too :slight_smile:


WOULD LOVE SO HARD TO SEE THIS. Is currently keeping me from adopting my entire team to Asana - using database app QBase instead.


I’m with you…
With over 25 steps… per event… and 70 events per year…It’s the standout requirement I’m looking for… so, unfortunately… no asana for me.


I would love to see this feature as well. Is there anything similar to this currently in asana?


Seconding everyone above. This would be HUGELY helpful.


Yes, please! This feature would be so insanely helpful. It’s really hurting our productivity because as a consumer goods company product launch dates change so frequently. To have to go in and manually reassign dozens of task and sub-tasks based on a slight shift in schedule is so daunting. It’s also stopping a lot of my team from adapting Asana.